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Wild Spirit Alaskan Malamutes

Name: Wild Spirit Alaskan Malamutes
Breeds: Alaskan Malamute,
City: Iron Ridge
State/Prov: Wisconsin
Zip: 53035
Country: USA
Telephone: 820-342-4885
Affiliations: AKC, CKC
Testimonials: Finally got my call for a handsome seal colored male. Went and picked him up in June. It was the first time that I met with Paw Pa (Glenn). I had been waiting for a year and a half. I wanted to make the meeting of my new pup special. So I picked him up from Wild Spirit in person. It was along drive, but the anticipation and the company of my dearest friend made it seem short. Glenn and his wife were justas I thought they were going to be. We sat and talked for hours, and they were honest, sincere, knowledgable, and very hospitable. I would highly recommend Wild Spirit to those looking for the best in an Alaskan Malamute. I have been in touch with Glenn since I picked up little Buck, and he has always been courteous and helpful. I have found a great friend. Helen Billings, Montana This is the same breed info that I have seen on Wild Spirit Alaskan Malamutes Web Site. PawPa, runs a very fine operation low key kennel(my word for it, not his). He is all about the dogs. Great individual. It was a pleasure meeting with him and I am looking forward to the time when my name is called on the waiting list. They breed their females but once a year and it is all natural, nothing artificial, Call of the Wild, as he calls it. If you are interested in this breed as a companion or a working dog, check out his site. He is more than happy to answer any questions you have about Mals. Yours or as a prespective new parent. His site is Sue "I have been there, He is in Florence County Wisconsin. Actually the Town of Homestead. It is in the far northeast corner of the state, about 8 miles WSW of Iron Mountain, Michigan, if you know where that is. My husband and I went for a second visit this past summer after being on the waiting list for the last two years. We are next inline for two Mal puppies. They will be worth the wait. We live in Amasa, MI, in the UP of Michigan. As the other poster said, ya gotta love Grizz! along with all the other members of PawPa's furry family! Theresa
Other Information: We here at Wild Spirit Alaskan Malamutes offer the finest in Alaskan Malamutes for companions. We have studied the breed thoroughly, and since 1969, have limited the dogs brought into our pack, only to those that most bring around the true stature and physique of the original dogs. These are the M'loot type. Wild Spirit. An apt description for such a fine breed. Double of coat, strong of bone and heavily muscled, yet elegant in movement. These natural workhorses of the Arctic have been also been constant companions of man since ancient time. Raised in the wilds of far Northeast Wisconsin, not in confined kennels, but large open compounds, Wild Spirit Alaskan Malamutes enjoy natural social interaction with all Alaskan Malamutes in our care and learn from birth the natural hierarchy of the pack structure. They receive daily individual and group human interaction. This socialization makes for a pup that will fit right in to the home of their new parents.

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