Pekingese breed information and lists of available Pekingese dogs, puppies, stud dogs and breeders Pekingese breed information and lists of available Pekingese dogs, puppies, stud dogs and breeders 

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Pekingese breed information and pictures

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The Pekingese is part of the Toy group. The Pekingese is a dog with Above Average problem solving abilities. The trainability of the Pekingese is Above Average. It was breed to be good for Companionship, Watch Dog The Pekingese lifestyle is Prefers indoor living

The Pekingese is susceptible to knee, eye, breathing and heart problems. This dog breed also has a difficult time giving birth. It is important that when contacting a Pekingese breeder that you express health concern issues and ask the breeder what they are doing in order to help mimimize them.

Please don't purchase your Pekingese from a petstore which commonly are known to support Pekingese puppy mills. Doing so only promotes inproper breeding ethics and promotes current Pekingese health issues. The AKC, UKC, FCI, CKC, SKC, WWKC, FIC registries recognize the Pekingese breed standard.

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Group:  Toy
Shoulder Height: 07.34 in - 07.34 in
Weight: 6 pounds, 6-8 pounds, 8-14 pounds
Exercise req'd: Low amount
Intelligence: Above Average
Suitability for kids: Fair
Registries: AKC, UKC, FCI, CKC, SKC, WWKC, FIC


Country of Origin: China - Similar miniature dogs have been known in China since the T'ang Dynasty of the 8th century; supposed to frighten away evil spirits. Accepted by AKC in 1909, and in England in 1910. Originally ownership was restricted to the Chinese Imperial Court. A few were first imported into Britain in 1860 when British troopers stormed the Summer Palace in Peking and were able to confiscate 5 Pekes that were left behind and not destroyed by the Chinese.

Character: This dog is affectionate and noble, but not particularly fond of strangers.

Temperment: If socialized properly, this breed gets along fine with other animals. It does not like to be disturbed when resting, so it is not well-suited for homes with small children.

Coat: Hair is long and abundant. A variety of colors is possible, but the most common combination is black and beige, sometimes combined with white.

Care A great deal of grooming is necessary, including frequent brushing and applying powder or dry shampoo. Excessive hair around the pads of the feet must be trimmed.

Colour: All colors allowed

Comments: Make wonderful companions - Loyal, dedicated to owners and love to travel. Great with other pets. Greatly misunderstood - Not velvet pillow, nasty or barkers as many think. Do require frequent brushing and do not do well in heat. .

Purposes: Companionship, Watch Dog

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