Neapolitan Mastiff breed information and lists of available Neapolitan Mastiff dogs, puppies, stud dogs and breeders Neapolitan Mastiff breed information and lists of available Neapolitan Mastiff dogs, puppies, stud dogs and breeders 

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Neapolitan Mastiff breed information and pictures

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The Neapolitan Mastiff is part of the Working (Molosser) group. The Neapolitan Mastiff is a dog with Excellent problem solving abilities. The trainability of the Neapolitan Mastiff is Excellent. It was breed to be good for Companionship, Family Pet, Protection, Watch Dog The Neapolitan Mastiff lifestyle is Adapts to indoor or outdoor living

Neapolitan Mastiff are susceptible to hip dysplasia, pano-ostiosis (growing pains) and cherry eye. It is important that when contacting a Neapolitan Mastiff breeder that you express health concern issues and ask the breeder what they are doing in order to help mimimize them.

Please don't purchase your Neapolitan Mastiff from a petstore which commonly are known to support Neapolitan Mastiff puppy mills. Doing so only promotes inproper breeding ethics and promotes current Neapolitan Mastiff health issues. The ARBA, FCI, SKC, WWKC, FIC registries recognize the Neapolitan Mastiff breed standard.

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Neapolitan Mastiff
Group:  Working (Molosser)
Shoulder Height: 00.00 in - 00.00 in
Weight: 110-150 pounds
Exercise req'd: Medium amount
Intelligence: Above Average
Suitability for kids: Excellent
Registries: ARBA, FCI, SKC, WWKC, FIC


Country of Origin: Italy - Direct descendants of the Roman Molossus of 2,000 years ago. Mainly found around the Naples area for centuries. Used for war, police, guard, and draft work. the breed was rebuilt after WW2 and has increased in popularity in the US since then. .

Character: This breed is confident, gentle-natured, and powerful. It is protective of its property and family and is intelligent, majestic, and noble.

Temperment: Neapolitan Mastiffs are usually good with children if socialized early. If not threatened, they are accepting of strangers. They generally get along fine with other dogs and household pets.

Coat: Is short, dense and hard, uniformly smooth and fine. Colors can be grey, leaden grey, leaden black, brown, fawn, deep fawn, hazel, dove-grey and light fawn. White patches on the chest and tips of the toes are not uncommon. The skin is loose all over the body and forms numerous folds and wrinkles on the head.

Care The dewlap area around the face needs daily cleaning. Extra attention should be paid to his nutritional needs. Dead and loose hairs should be removed with a rubber brush when the dog is shedding.

Colour: Grey (all shades), black, mahogany, blond

Comments: Adaptable to various environments and climates. Extremely loyal and protective. Can be aggressive; need firm handling and training. Excellent guard dog with their formidable dark coloring, large head and massive body. .

Purposes: Companionship, Family Pet, Protection, Watch Dog

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