Beagle breed information and lists of available Beagle dogs, puppies, stud dogs and breeders Beagle breed information and lists of available Beagle dogs, puppies, stud dogs and breeders 

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Beagle breed information and pictures

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The Beagle is part of the Hound group. The Beagle is a dog with Above Average problem solving abilities. The trainability of the Beagle is Above Average. It was breed to be good for Family Pet, Hunting, Watch Dog The Beagle lifestyle is Inside or outside

The Beagle is susceptible to epilepsy, intervertebral disc disease, congenital heart disease and glaucoma. It is important that when contacting a Beagle breeder that you express health concern issues and ask the breeder what they are doing in order to help mimimize them.

Please don't purchase your Beagle from a petstore which commonly are known to support Beagle puppy mills. Doing so only promotes inproper breeding ethics and promotes current Beagle health issues. The AKC, UKC, FCI, CKC, SKC, WWKC, FIC registries recognize the Beagle breed standard.

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Group:  Hound
Shoulder Height: 00.00 in - 00.00 in
Weight: 18-30 pounds
Exercise req'd: Medium amount
Intelligence: Above Average
Suitability for kids: Excellent
Registries: AKC, UKC, FCI, CKC, SKC, WWKC, FIC


Country of Origin: Great Britain - During the Colonial period it ws brough to the USA. Orginally used in England as a trail hound to hunt rabbit. The name was orginally thought to have come from the Celtic word often their owners as well. Imported to England in 1936, and in 1941 recognized bt the UKC.

Character: This dog is cheerful, sociable, and independent.

Temperment: Beagles are friendly to children, strangers and other dogs. Socialization early with other household pets is advisable.

Coat: The coat is weather-proof and short, however liver-colored Beagles are not acceptable.

Care Keep the ears clean and coat brushed.

Colour: Any hound color allowed

Comments: The Beagle has a keen noses and sharp eyesight. It is a clean, cat-like dog noted for its climbing ability, this makes it difficult to contain regardless of fencing and does not bark. Breeding is limited as bitches normally come in heat only once. They make a crowing sound similar to a yodel. Snoopy, created by the late Charles Schultz, is perhaps the world's most recognized (and loved) Beagle.

Purposes: Family Pet, Hunting, Watch Dog

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