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Thank you for your interest in this Grand Bleu De Gascogne Breeder Wanted Ad. By filling out the information request form below you will be able to make contact with this advertiser. We appreciate the time that you are taking now in order to possibly help fulfill this individuals request.

Re:Grand Bleu De Gascogne Breeder Wanted
Ad:Hi there, We are a couple in our early fifties, living in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, but with a strong connection to England’s Lake District, from where my partner originates. We have owned dogs over the past 24 years, and currently our home is shared with an Irish Red and White Setter, a Dalmatian, Kerry Beagle and two Harriers. Although we are interested in and admire all canine breeds, we have a particular attraction to scent hounds and over the past few years we have become increasingly interested in acquiring a Grand Bleu de Gascogne. We are interested in a puppy as we would like to be able to ‘acclimatise’ it to our home, environment and other dogs from the earliest age possible, so that it grows up with us. We would also like a bitch pup as, although we have not previously bred from any of the dogs that we have owned, we would like to at least have that option in the future; to perhaps do ‘our little bit’ to conserve and perpetuate this beautiful and fascinating breed. We live in a detached house with a very large garden in a very rural rural area of County Tipperary in the south midlands of Ireland, at the end of a long cul-de-sac, and about quarter of a mile from a large River, the River Suir. We are surrounded by farmland to which we have largely unrestricted access and over which we exercise our dogs with long daily. Our livelihood derives from employment in the health service, with quite considerable time off. As with our existing dogs, any new addition to our ‘canine family’ would be raised in our house with us. We did contact a breeder in Scarborough, Yorkshire, UK whose kennel is called Perzidium, but disappointingly they have ceased breeding and, from what I understand, there are no current breeders in the UK or Ireland. To conclude, we would really love to find a well bred, healthy bitch puppy of this breed to raise and share our lives with, and we very much hope that you might be able to help us to realise this. Yours faithfully Mike O’Dwyer Co. Tipperary Ireland.

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