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Lonesum D Ranch

Name: Lonesum D Ranch
Breeds: Australian Shepherd,Papillon,
City: Grunthal
State/Prov: MB
Zip: R0A 0R0
Country: Canada
Telephone: 204-434-6362
Affiliations: CKC membership
Testimonials: Just thought I would send a few pictures of Bella so you could see what a pretty dog she has become. She is an absolute Joy... such a happy pup and very lovable. Her and Zoe, our Lab, are inseperable. And she's very, very smart. She is also quite the talker as well. It's very cute. You have such beautiful dogs. Thank you again... Bella has been a wonderful addition to our family and we are very happy we made the decision to get her from you. We purchased Riley from Don and Pearl in April/07 and have not regretted our decision for one day. Riley is very smart and could do many tricks before he was six months old. He is very gentle and affectionate and is wonderful with children(even small ones). He is a beautiful dog 15 inches high and app 20 lbs who looks just like his dad Hazer. He is very talkative and can play for hours. If you are looking for a mid size dog who will love you to death Pearl and Don have the dog for you..... Rileys Mom Just wanted to let you know how well Charlie "Brown" has adapted. He's amazing - really friendly to everybody and my constant companion. He sleeps in the small carrier - upstairs in my bedroom. I have him with me around the house during the day. He has taken to walking on a leash excellently - quite amazing. I am taking him to an off leash dog park to socialize him. I am planning to take him to obedience classes in the next while. You can sure tell when a puppy has been raised well and brought into a good environment. It really shows in your puppies. Thanks again - I now have a wonderful companion to spend time with. We received Safire and she is absolutely beautiful, and we think she is just fantastic. She is confident, she arrived very well. She immediately took to the place, ate some food, explored everything and follows us around. She’s beautifully socialized, so thank you very much and thank you for all the information in the packet you sent. Hi Pearl….can’t thank you enough! I just can’t describe how adorable he is. I mean he was easy to fall in love with in pictures because he is so cute but his personality is just amazing! He’s relaxed, funny and loves to cuddle. Couldn’t ask for more. He has the cutest Aussie bum……wiggles when he’s happy….and does the back leg thing too (like our old dog) where he stretches his back legs out behind him…too cute! ... he seems to be picking up on the “outside” thing and is eating three solid meals a day – all working towards developing a good routine. He saw the vet on Tuesday and all is well….Again, thank you! I have quite a few more testimonials on the web site at
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