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Concetta Pipitone

Name: Concetta Pipitone
Breeds: Goldendoodle,
City: WACO
State/Prov: Texas
Zip: 76706
Country: USA
Telephone: 2547096634
Other Information: Hi, Naruto is an F1 golden doodle! He is a cream color and his ears are a light chestnut color. I purchased him at Lonestar doodles in Dallas Texas. He is very smart, playful, socially aware, teddy-bear features, doesn't shed, light curls. He has become my best pal, I truly could not picture life without him. He picks up on things very easily, he was potty trained in only 4 days! His teddy bear appearance has given him a lot of attention. People are always asking what kind of dog is he, where did I get him, and comment on his stuffed animal look. He is my little celebrity dog that has become apart of my family. :) I would love to answer all of your questions, feel free to contact me! God bless always, Concetta Pipitone

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Teddy the Golden Doodle View Details  
500 (USD)
Teddy is an F1 male golden doodle. He is very intelligent (potty-trained in 4 days), doesn't shed...
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