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Thank you for your interest in this Deerhound Stud Dog Ad. By filling out the information request form below you will be able to make contact with this advertiser. We appreciate the time that you are taking now in order to possibly help fulfill this individuals request.

Re:Deerhound Stud Dog
Ad:she was special and soonmee even saying that she was the first cat that they actually liked. She was named after a dear friends (bobbie) mother. The original nancy was kind and compassionate and loved animals. She had passed away shortly before I got nancy.She was also born on the day that my first dog the amazing moonbase died.I agreed to have her as I could not bear to have another dog and yet within a month I had two jack russell pups. I was very apprehensive the day she came home and remember the time looking out of a bedroom window when each pup had a hold of one end of her ! She survived that and went on to become boss cat regularly swiping the dogs across the nose with her paw and cleaning theirs and molliepuss's as she thought necessary.She was impossible to give worming tablets to and yet endured her insulin injections with no fuss at all .She used to love coming out and joining in with the dog walks when I lived next to woods .. It was impossible to go without her . If we left her behind she would rush out the cat flap at the back and circle around and catch us up .She definitely welcomed stu into her family and loved to sit by him whilst he did pc stuff and loved to groom him . Last year she took a trip with us down to cornwall and I was so proud of how she behaved for the weekend.Thank you to everyone that has loved her over the years and to everyone that has cat sat and helped me care for her . I miss her

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