Dachshund breed information and lists of available Dachshund dogs, puppies, stud dogs and breeders Dachshund breed information and lists of available Dachshund dogs, puppies, stud dogs and breeders 

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Dachshund breed information and pictures

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The Dachshund is part of the Hound group. The Dachshund is a dog with Excellent problem solving abilities. The trainability of the Dachshund is Above Average. It was breed to be good for Family Pet, Hunting, Watch Dog The Dachshund lifestyle is Indoor living

The Dachshund is susceptible to genetic eye disease, disc and skin problems. It is important that when contacting a Dachshund breeder that you express health concern issues and ask the breeder what they are doing in order to help mimimize them.

Please don't purchase your Dachshund from a petstore which commonly are known to support Dachshund puppy mills. Doing so only promotes inproper breeding ethics and promotes current Dachshund health issues. The AKC, UKC, FCI, CKC, SKC, WWKC, FIC registries recognize the Dachshund breed standard.

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Dachshund puppies for sale Dachshund dogs for sale Dachshund stud dogs Dachshund breeders
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Miniature Dachshund
Heidox Beau Tie
Peyton's Doxies

Group:  Hound
Shoulder Height: 13.75 in - 13.75 in
Weight: Mini: Max 11lbs, Standard:18-30lbs
Exercise req'd: Low-medium amount
Intelligence: High
Suitability for kids: Good
Registries: AKC, UKC, FCI, CKC, SKC, WWKC, FIC


Country of Origin: Germany - developed in the middle ages for primarily tracking and searching. .

Character: The Dachshund is brave, intelligent and independent.

Temperment: This breed is somewhat reserved around strangers, but forms a strong bond with its family. It can be over-courageous around other dogs.

Coat: Can be smooth, long, or wire-haired. Colors can be reddish-brown, black or tan, or chocolate brown, or deep chestnut in reddish-brown and black and tan. The hairs on the Wire-haired Dachshund should lie flat and be as hard as possible. Separate coat patterns include: Solid, Dapple, Piebald, Wildboar, and Brindle

Care The Smooth- and Long-haired Dachshund should be brushed occasionally to remove dead hairs. Long-haired Dachshunds are prone to tangles, so they should be groomed more often. The coat of the Wire-haired Dachshund should be plucked twice a year.

Colour: Red, Black/Tan, Chocolate/Tan, Cream, Blue, Isabella. You can also have black, chocolate and isabella/tan

Comments: Wary enough to be a watchdog, his devotion to his family is undying. Wirehaireds require much more grooming than other Dachs coats. Smart, but stubborn. Difficult to housetrain in bad weather. Independent nature. Great raised with kids from a young .

Purposes: Family Pet, Hunting, Watch Dog

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