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Training & Behavior Aids for dogs and puppies

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Below you will find many Training & Behavior Aids specifically created for both dogs and puppies. Each of the items listed below have a variety of uses, which will be described within the products description. You may click on any of the product titles below in order to view more detailed information on the specific product selected.

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  HyperLink Petrainer PET998DRB1 Dog Training Collar Rechargeable and Rainproof 330 yd Remote Dog Shock Collar with Beep, Vibra and Shock Electronic Collar
by Petrainer

The Petrainer PET998DRB1 dog training collar system allows for perfecting small range dog obedience. With 300 yard range, this device was designed with the common household dog in mind, as the range of this system easily accommodates a stroll to your nearby park, or training in the backyard. We've incorporated every function that's needed for a beginner trainer or novice training collar user. Those functions are, static shock, vibration, tone and light modes, which allow the trainer to receive the best possible results, all at an affordable price.

1. Collar Size: Able to fit small, medium and large dogs. 15lbs or Larger. Durable and adjustable Nylon Collar Size Length from 15 to 22 inches long
2. Includes one collar, Remote Transmitter can control up to two collars. (Extra collars are sold separately)
3. Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Batteries for Collar Receiver and Remote Transmitter
4. Water Capabilities: Water Resistant Collar Receiver
5. Range: 330 Yards
6. Tone/Vibration Options: 100 Levels of Vibration and 1 Level of Standard Tone
7. Stimulation Levels: 100 Levels of Static Shock
8. Power saving design with Automatic Standby and Memory Function
9. Light Mode to assist seeing dog in low light conditions
10. Easy to operate and ergonomic Transmitter
11. Effective and safe training system with Auto-Protect Mode
12. LCD Display featuring a Blue Back Light for nighttime usage
13. Quick and straightforward pairing process

Package Contents:
- 1 x Transmitter
- 1 x Receiver
- 1 x Nylon Belt
- 1 x Charging Cable
- 1 x Charger
- 1 x Test Bulb
- 3 Contact Points

List Price: $49.99
Buy New: $29.99
  HyperLink PESTON Remote Dog Training Collar, Rechargeable and 100% Waterproof with Beep, Vibration and Shock Electronic Collar, 1000ft Range

PESTON Dog Training Collar - curbing your dog's misbehavior.

IPX6 Waterproof: Work properly after a 10-hour factory test immersing E-collar into a 2-meter-deep pool. Summer's coming! Bring your dog to the seaside!

Have you tried to train your naughty dog, but all your efforts were in vain?

Do you feel that the daily walk to the park is a stressful and embarrassing experience as your dog never responds to your calls?

Turn The Most Disobedient Dogs Into Peaceful, Disciplined Lambs With The Ultimate Dog Training Collar By PESTON.

Use PESTON collar for basic training, potty training, biting, jumping on people, chasing cars, running away and barking. Very safe and humane.

List Price: $69.99
Buy New: $36.99
  HyperLink Grannick's Bitter Apple for Dogs Spray Bottle, 16 Ounces
by Grannick's Bitter Apple

Original Spray for Dogs. Discourages fur biting, hair chewing and hot spots. Sizes available: 118AT: 8 oz. 24/case 1116AT: 16 oz. 12/case.

List Price: $8.62
Buy New: $1.50
  HyperLink Petronics 330 Yards Rechargeable Shock Training Collar with Remote, Electronic Dog Training Collar for Large Dog with Static Shock, Vibration, Beep and Light
by Petronics

List Price: $49.99
Buy New: $21.99
  HyperLink The Company of Animals Pet Corrector 50ml-Pack of 2
by In the Company of Animals
ASIN: B0124G4DV4

Snakes, insects and birds such as geese, use their hiss sound to drive off predators and our domesticated pets have an instinctive sensitivity to this sound. The Pet Corrector emits a hiss of air which mimics this sound, to interrupt undesirable behaviors in dogs such as jumping up or stealing. There is a detailed training guide included, with helpful training tips and key dos and don'ts. It is important that the Pet Corrector is used responsibly and that alternative desirable behaviors are rewarded.

List Price: $21.49
Buy New: $21.49
  HyperLink BV Pet Heavy Extra-Large Tie Out Cable for dogs up to 125 Pound, 30-Feet
by BV

Rigorously Tested Cables Strength

All of our tie-out cable products have been under rigorously quality test.
They are ultra durable and are made to last with anti-rusty cover.

Nice and Bright , Reflective Vinyl for Extra Safety at Night

Made of reflective material to increase the visibilty.
Walk your dogs with more safety in the dark.

Purchase Instruction:

  • Large : Up to 90 pounds, 25 feetĀ 
  • Heavy: Up to 125 pounds, 30 feet
  • Super : Up to 250 pounds, 25 feet

BV is continuously improving and evolving for our customer needs. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction.
We offer every customer a limited one-year product warranty on every item purchased

List Price: $9.49
Buy New: $9.49
  HyperLink Pet Champion Large Reflective Tie Out Cable for Dogs Up to 90 Pound, 25 Feet

Pet Champion Large Tie Out Cable for Dogs Up to 90 Pound, 25 Feet


The Pet Champion Large Tie Out Cable for Dogs Up to 90 Pound, 25 Feet is one of the best selling Tie Out cables in the Pet Industry. This extra strong Tie Out Cable is strength tested for Dogs up to 90 pounds making it perfect for almost all Large breeds of Dogs. The strong, but light 25 foot cable is what makes this possible. The cable and swivel clips are constructed with 100% pure steel for greater strength and durability. The steel cable is vinyl covered to protect from rain and rust in the outdoors. The crimp covers at the ends of the cable also serve as protection from weakening due to rain and rust and fraying from being exposed. Be sure to check out all of Pet Champion items including Collars, Leashes, Harnesses, and more on Amazon!

  • Clip one end of the tie out to a strong stationary object such as a Pet Champion Tie Out Spiral Stake.
  • Clip the other end of the tie out to your pet's collar.
  • Be sure to supervise your pet at all times while you are using the tie out.

  • Toy Tie Out Cable: Up to 10 pounds, 20 foot cable
  • Small Tie Out Cable: Up to 35 pounds, 25 foot cable
  • Standard Tie Out Cable: Up to 60 pounds, 25 foot cable
  • Large Tie Out Cable: Up to 90 pounds, 25 foot cable
  • Heavy Tie Out Cable: Up to 125 pounds, 30 foot cable
  • Super Tie Out Cable: Up to 250 pounds, 25 foot cable

List Price: $10.64
Buy New: $6.41
  HyperLink PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar, Rechargeable and Waterproof, All Size Dogs (10Lbs - 100Lbs), 1200 Foot Range
by PetTech

Safety Information:

CAUTION! Please read and follow the instructions in manual. Proper fitting of the collar is important. A collar worn for too long or made too tight on the pet's neck may cause skin damage. These collars can cause pressure necrosis if used incorrectly and is often misidentified as burns.

1. Avoid leaving the collar on the dog for more than 12 hours per day.
2. If it's possible, re-position the collar on the pet's neck every 1 to 2 hours.
3. Check the fit of the collar to prevent excessive pressure; follow the instructions in this manual.
4. Never connect a lead to the electronic collar; it will cause excessive pressure on the contacts.
5. When using a separate collar for a lead, don't put pressure on the electronic collar.
6. Wash the dog's neck area and the contacts of the collar weekly with a damp cloth.
7. Examine the contact area daily for signs of a rash or a sore.
8. If a rash or sore is found, discontinue use of the collar until the skin has healed.
9. If the condition persists beyond 48 hours, see your veterinarian.

These steps will help keep your pet safe and comfortable. Millions of pets are comfortable while they wear stainless steel contacts. Some pets are sensitive to contact pressure. You may find after some time that your pet is very tolerant of the collar. If so, you may relax some of these precautions.

It Is important to continue daily checks of the contact area. If redness or sores are found, discontinue use until the skin has fully healed.

Shock Advisory:

The PetTech remote training collar is equipped with 4 training modes - light, beep, vibrate and static shock. Improper use of the static shock mode can cause pain, physical injury and traumatize your dog. The static shock feature should only be used in extreme situations and only after consultation with a professional dog trainer.

List Price: $69.99
Buy New: $29.99
  HyperLink PetSafe SSSCAT Replacement Can
by Radio Systems Corporation

New replacement can for PetSafe's SSSCAT motion activated pet deterrent unit. Compatible with SSSCAT versions PPD00-16168 and PDT00-13914.

List Price: $15.99
Buy New: $15.99
  HyperLink [2017 NEW CHIP] Pro Pet Works No Bark Dog Collar NO SHOCK Bark Control Training Collar For Small Medium And Large Dogs Humane And Safe Bark Deterrent 15-150lbs
by Pro Pet Works

Are you tired of your dog barking like crazy every time a guest comes in? Does your dog bark at everything that moves?


Pro Pet Works Anti Bark Collar can rid your dog of their vicious barking cycles day and night. With our bark collar, you won't need to worry about shocking or hurting your dog. Our collar uses sound and vibration to calm down your furry friend. There are 7 different sensitivity levels for all sizes from small to large dogs. Works on any breed and is a completely safe and humane way of controlling the barking.


>Controls Barking
>Humane And Painless
>Uses Vibration And Sound
>7 Sensitivity Levels
>Certified By ROHS
>No False Triggering
>No Pain Or Shock


Pro Pet Works bark control collar uses a micro-processor to distinguish barking from other sounds and elements.

After the first bark, the collar generates a quick sound for 1.5 sec.

After the 2nd bark, the sound activates for 2.5 sec.

Finally, when the dog barks for a third time vibration will start along with the tone.

After each bark, the vibration gets more intense and lasts longer until it has gone through all 7 levels.

After the 7th level, the collar shuts down for 1 minute and resumes back to normal afterwards.

List Price: $49.95
Buy New: $29.95
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